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A Moment in History The life of

Susan Cottrell

From a distinguished ancestors   “Susannah C. “Susan” Goodwin” was born around 1831 to 1836 in MO, according to census.  She was born to Peter Goodwin and Christina Fulbright.  Both parents were born in NC, possibly Lincoln County.  Peter ca 1791 to Isaac and Isabell Goodwin.  Christina ca 1792 o John Fulbright and Elizabeth Coulter.  They had 9 children: Rodah 1815, Eli Franklin “Frank” 1818, Nancy ca 1820, Elizabeth ca 1822, John F. 1824, David Boone 1827, William J 1830,Suzannah C. “Susan” 1833 and Ruth J 1835.     

Court records in 1805 list Peter as a 14 yr old orphan.  He was originally to have Isaac Lawrence as his guardian and was to stay as a Tanner apprentice until age 21, however, he went to court and requested and was granted Abram Goodwin as guardian.  Brother William was to apprentice as a miller.  The sheriff was looking for brother, Isaac who had apparently taken off.  It is believed the Goodwin’s were originally from Germany.       

Christina had 5 brothers and 4 sisters.  Fulbright Springs in Springfield, MO is named after her brother William.      

 Both the Goodwin and Fulbright families went from NC to TN to MO, back to TN, strayed to a few other places, then back to MO to stay.  Peter and Christina settled in Laclede County.  Online info has Peter and Christina buried in Laclede County and Greene County both, but some have Peter with a different wife.    

 Susan married 21 Nov 1850 in Laclede County, MO to Henry W. Cottrell. He was born 1832 KY.  The 1860, 1870 and 1880 census have them living in Laclede.  The 1900 census has Susan as a widow living in Springfield, MO at 215 E Calhoun.  Married daughter, Mary Andrews, is living with her but there is no husband listed.  It says Mary never had any children, but Susan had 11 children and 6 are still living.  Only 9 are known from the various census.  All were born in MO except Mary who was born in IA.  Thersey J. 1852, Mary C. 1854, John F. 1856, Amanda M. 1858, Genetta E. 1860, Rebecca E 1863, William J. 1866, Juliett 1870 and Nora 1875.    

 Henry obviously died between 1880 and 1900 based on census.  More than likely he is buried either in Laclede County or Greene County, but as of yet I have not found him, nor the 5 deceased children.     

Most of this info has come from online reports by various descendants, however, there is conflicting info, so there may be a need for corrections in the future  

by Cynthia (Jeffries) Davison  2017