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A Moment in History The life of

William C Layton

An email was received summer 2012 from Gerald Lyon of Westland, Michigan.  He wanted to know if William C Layton was buried in Union Campground Cemetery.  This young man fought at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek and was later buried in Union Cemetery.

Realizing this could mean the Union side of the National Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri, contact was made to the superintendent of the facility, and upon searching their records, he could only find the name of William J. Layton of Arkansas.

Mr. Lyon’s family has an old, handwritten letter stating that William C. Layton is buried in Union Cemetery.  No death date was given.  The letter has been misplaced and the family is conducting a search.

Since William Layton property is near the Jeffries and Ellison families (and not too far distance from Union Campground), it is entirely possible that the family had him buried in the nearest graveyard.  Stories from different families in the area have often mentioned that soldiers are said to be buried on the hill above the Little Sac River.

By Jean Gaffga Rayl 2012