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A Moment in History The life of

The Isaac Stiver Family

While volunteers were clearing a portion of the cemetery in the spring of 1997, a broken, irregular stone was uncovered with the name Charley Stiver which was barely visible. This discovery gave credence to the story passed down through the Stiver family that some of their ancestors were buried in Union Campground Cemetery. They recalled that Isaac Stiver was supposed to be buried in the old graveyard when he died in 1897, although no written proof has been found. The Stiver farm was just east of Union Campground.

 Isaac was born in 1826 to Jacob and Sarah (Seyler) Stiver in Montgomery Co., Ohio. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were all born in Pennsylvania. Isaac married Susanna Hoerner in 1853 in Montgomery Co. Ohio and after their marriage they lived in Pueblo Co., Ohio where their oldest son was born in 1854. They moved back to Montgomery Co. where their second son was born in 1855.

They moved to Elkhart Co., Indiana in 1856 where they lived for 22 years on a farm that had been deeded to him by his During this period 7 boys and 3 girls were born. In 1878 they moved to Greene Co., MO., in a covered wagon, bringing along 6 sons and 1 daughter. The oldest 3 sons and 1 daughter were grown and stayed in Indiana. The youngest son was born in Greene Co. in 1880. Following Isaac’s death, his widow and younger sons moved to north Springfield on National Avenue. One son returned to Indiana, one son disappeared, and 2 sons moved to Okla. The first wife of Isaac’s son Harrison and Charlie are buried in Union Campground. Wesley was the 5th son born to Isaac and Susanna. He married Maggie Witherspoon in 1886.

Wesley bought the Witherspoon homestead in Franklin Township after 1900. His sons Roy and Wade, grandsons Clifford, Harry and Bernie, granddaughter Pansey Harvey and great-grandson Clarence all raised their families in Franklin Township.

 Isaac’s daughter, Jennie, married Wm. Penn Murray. Their granddaughter, Lenora, married Clifford Burrell and still lives on Summit Street Road north of Springfield.

 Roy’s son Bernie, daughters Pansy Harvey and Margaret Bredeman, and grandson Bruce Bredeman and Wade’s grandson, Clarence, are active members of the Union Campground Cemetery Association.

Prepared by: Pansy Stiver Harvey