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A Moment in History The life of

The Gollnick Family

During the early years of researching Union Campground Cemetery, a mystery surrounded a concrete enclosure in the southeast portion of the cemetery. It resembled a foundation for a building, although upon close inspection, it was determined the walls could not support any kind ·ofstructure. Was the purpose to enclose burials? If so, where was the entryway? No headstones or footstones were visible. Photographs were taken and then research continued in other sections of the graveyard.

Sometime later, while talking with Vera Chandler, a descendant of Fannie Sims, she mentioned that a teenage Gollnick girl by the name of Leona was buried in Union Campground Cemetery. Not to long after conversation, Beatrice Taylor, a descendant of W.W. & Elmira Jeffiies, said that another daughter named Beulah was also buried in the cemetery.  (Note:  It has not been discovered that Buelah did not die, but moved to Florida with her family and lived a long life)

Interest returned in the concrete enclosure. A little sleuthing turned up these facts: E.M Gollnick operated the Spring Valley Stock Farm situated to the north and east of Union Campground It was a large operation involving some 286 plus acres. He purchased the farm around 1897 and sold it in 1917. ~ While operating the daily :farm, he built a large concrete barn and to concrete silos along with a concrete foundation to enclose the graves of his children. It is reported that he and his wife lost three children during the time they lived on the farm.

The Greene County, Missouri census of 1910 lists the following: E.M. Gollnick age 44 born in Germany. Wife Annie age 38, manied 19years. She has had 10 children and 9 are still living. Leo, son age 18born in Minnesota; Leonie, dau age 16born in Minnesota; Lenard, son 14 born in Minnesota; Buela, dau 12born in Missouri; Blanche, dau 9 born in Missouri; Teddy, son age 7 born in Missouri; Mary, Dau age 5 born in Missouri; Lottie, dau age 4 born in Missouri; Eugene, son age 9/12 born in Missouri. A one year old son that died 4 Oct. 1900 would fit between the 12 and 9year old

The burial of their 17 year old dau., Leona has been documented. Her birth date is unknown. The following article appeared in the Springfield, MO Republican, Thursday, January 12,1911:

“Miss Leona Gollmick (name should be Gollnick), aged 17 years, dau of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Gollmick (initials should be E.M) died of pneumonia at ten yesterday morning at the home of her parents, five miles northeast of Springfield, after a short illness. Funeral services will be held at the family residence at two o’clock this afternoon, and interment will take place in the family burying ground” Note: Her death occurred in 1911 at age 17, making her birth year ca 1894. The daughter named Beulah was 12 years old at the time of the 1910 census, making her birth year cI898. Her burial in the cemetery remains “-undocumented. A Gollmick infant died 4 Oct. 1900. The Springfield. MO. Republican 5 Oct. 1900: “The one year old child of E.M. Gollmick died yesterday of inflammation of the bowels at the home of his parents, five miles northeast of Springfield, and will be buried in the neighborhood this morning. (It is now known that his name was Jonny – CD 2020) ” The Gollnick family left Missouri in 1917. They became successful fruit farmers in the State of Florida, and would often return to Missouri to visit old acquaintances.

Prepared by: Jean Rayl 2006