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A Moment in History The life of

Infant Child of C Braswell

Birth:  Unknown  Death: 18 Apr 1903


No tombstone marks the grave of this infant child.  A newspaper clipping from the Springfield Republican, 19 Apr 1903, give a brief account, with no first name to indicate gender.

“Child Dead,  This infant child of C. Braswell died Saturday morning.  The burial will take place Sunday afternoon at the Union Campground.  The parents live north of the city.”

On the 1876 map of Franklin Township 30, there is a C. Braswell farm located approximately one or two miles north of the Union Campground Cemetery.  Vera Chandler, of our cemetery association, confirms that the Braswell family lived near the Terry Price farm & Lochie Braswell was a childhood friend of Vera’s mother.  The name was spoken as “Brassel.”

By Jean Gaffga Rayl 2011