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A Moment in History The life of

The Duncan Girls

I am currently working on this biography, so info here is incomplete at this time.  Since I am still doing research I will only do a brief summary here.



Bertie Martin, daughter of Sam Martin, married Sam Duncan.  According to what I have found, Sam’s brother was Arthur, father of Lola Beatrice Duncan, making her Bertie’s niece.

Found was a census that list:

The 1910 census has Sam and Elizabeth Duncan in Springfield, MO on E. Lynn Street (no house number) with 2 children, Leroy Rucker, age 8, (1902), and a girl, Irene M Duncan, age 6 (1904).  They are living next door to Nathan & Mary Bedell who are also in this cemetery.

I have yet to find any further concrete information on these people, especially the children.



Daughter of Arthur and Rosa (Deeds) Duncan, passed away from scarlet fever when she was only 7 years old.

According to census 1910 through 1930, Lola had 9 siblings.  Ruby, Samuel, Benjamin, Isabella, Helen, Herman, Arthur, James and Viola.  I have not found any further information on the youngest, Viola.  She was not on the 1920 census when she would have been 12 years old, leading me to believe she may have also passed away as a child.

More to come

By Cynthia Jeffries Davison 2020